Your situation is unique, and the right solution for another company may

not work for you. We have the expertise to help you evaluate and select

the benefits options and programs that will work best for you.

Voluntary Benefits

A full range of supplemental

insurance products to protect employees and their loved ones

• Cancer

• Critical illness

• Accident


• Short- and long-term disability


• Hospital indemnity


• Medical gap


• Voluntary dental


• Voluntary vision


• Permanent and term life

 With voluntary benefits, employees can select coverage options based on their needs and budget, and get rates affordable for most budgets and convenient payroll deduction; benefits are paid directly to policyholder or someone designated by the policyholder. Voluntary benefits will complement, not compete with your core benefits offerings. 

Benefits for Small Businesses
Image by Mike Petrucci

Small Business Benefits Solver

• Health Insurance (National PPO) 

• Unlimited Access to Doctors Without Co-Pay


• One of Nation’s Best Pharmacy Program


• Universal Life Insurance


• Living Benefits with Critical, Chronic & Terminal Illness

• Dental


• Vision


• Disability


• Accident / Hospital / Critical Illness

All For $250 PMPE

More value for Employers & Employees

• Wellness options included with some plans cover a

variety of preventive screenings.

• Services that help policyholders navigate healthcare system and maximize their benefits.

• Section 125 Compatible plans to enable employees to pay for certain benefits with pretax dollars, while helping employers and employees reduce payroll taxes.

• HRA/HSA benefit plans

• FSA benefit plans